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The Raku process is very exciting and unpredictable.  No two pieces are ever the same The joy in Raku firing is seeing what natural variations the fire will produce after combining all of the artist’s past experience, current hopes and very best efforts.  

The flames paint their trail across the pieces in spectacular lustrous colours of copper, silver and gold as well as deep reds, blues, purples, greens, turquoise, smokey burnt oranges, mahogany and yellow.   The stunning black, greys and white of Naked Raku (as shown here) are produced by carbon painting, slip trailing and etching in post firing reduction.

Love of the spontaneous and a spirit of fun are the essential ingredients.


Care Instructions for Raku ware:

The work on display here is low fired in the North American Raku method which was modified from its origins in Japan.  The pots are decorative in nature and should not be used for food or liquids without a plastic or glass liner.  They have had a final protective finish applied to the surfaces to preserve the extraordinary colours and to make cleaning easier with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth on smooth surfaces or a soft brush on textured surfaces.  

As you would not expose an original painting or fine carpet to direct sunlight, it is also best not to expose your fine Raku artworks to direct sunlight.

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