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 Details of Customized Chandelier

1000, 7 Piece Chandelier installed

1192 “Expansion” 4 part lit wall hanging with stained glass and LED light

Photo by B. Eisener

329R “Shards of Light” SOLD

330R  “Abstract Mind”

332R “Mind Beacon”


‘Ever Present”

1187 “Light Up an Idea”

1188  “Stretched Mind”

1190, 1191 “Spectre of Two Minds 1 and 2” front view

1190, 1191 “Spectre of Two Minds 1 and 2” back view

1224 “Ocean Lights”

LED Chandelier

“Brainstorm” at Art Focus Pop Up Gallery 2015

“Ever Present” at Swoon Fine Art Gallery

“New Explorations in

Colour, Form and Function” at Swoon Fine Art Gallery

1213 “It’s A Party”

Photo by B. Eisner

1211 “Striped Tray”

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